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“Get Eligible saved my son’s college pursuit. They discovered that he was not on track and recommended a change in his course schedule in his last semester of High School. We had always been told he would be fine by our school. They were wrong. My son has always been above a 3.0 gpa. Without Get Eligible, he would not have been able to receive his scholarship and compete in the NCAA for his freshman year.”

E.R. - Los Angeles, CA

“Every College told us that my son was not going to be eligible with the NCAA. He had a solid gpa but was coming up short on his core courses. Get Eligible investigated the issue and discovered that my son’s former High School had made a change after he transferred to his new High School. My son got a scholarship and an opportunity to play Division I sports because of Get Eligible finding the High School’s mistake on the core class list. We worried ourselves to sleep every night before we were helped from Get Eligible. Now we can’t wait to go see our son play Division I Baseball.”

C.D. - Santa Rosa, CA

“We felt like we had a grasp on our daughter’s eligibility for the NCAA as a few years prior we sent our son to play college sports on scholarship. We came across the Get Eligible Staff and decided to take no risks as we had them generate a report for our daughter. Once we knew exactly where she stood for her NCAA academic needs we saw a large change in her playing confidence. She knew she was on track and so did we. It gave her the confidence to take her game to the next level. High school counselors should not be the tell all. Thank you Get Eligible!”

R.V. - Orange County, CA